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Introducing a higher-converting store checkout, easy to use localization tools, and the most merchant-friendly fulfillment network ever (2023)

Merchants today face more hurdles than ever. Consumers have more options to choose from and entrepreneurs are competing head-to-head with larger brands for their attention, dollars, and loyalty. 

With limited resources, time, and budget, how can smaller brands compete—let alone grow? You have to build for the long term, which is why, for the Winter ’23 Edition, we’ve shipped solutions to help you do more from Shopify’s powerful platform, no matter where you are in your journey.

Whether you want to improve your customer acquisition and website conversion rates, explore in-person selling for the first time, grow your brand internationally, or streamline your fulfillment or operations, Shopify Editions has something to help you tackle and achieve your goals efficiently and with confidence from Shopify.  

Explore Editions launches by theme:

Explore the Winter ’23 Edition hub

This blog features just a few of the 100+ new products, features, and updates available to Shopify merchants. Visit the Winter ’23 Edition hub to discover them all, and learn what they help you accomplish today.

Visit the Shopify Editions hub

Optimize your website for conversions

It takes a lot to get customers to click the Buy button. From seamless shopping experiences to a more streamlined checkout, we’re making it easier to seize every sale, with tools to convert customers.

Help customers find products they love with updates to storefront search and recommendations 

A seamless shopping experience means customers can find what they’re looking for when it matters—helping you build loyal relationships and increase conversion. 

At Shopify, we continue to optimize our storefront search and product recommendations engine, including updates to search relevance, typeahead search, and auto-generated product recommendations. Let’s learn more about these improvements: 

  • Search relevance. Spelling mistakes happen. With typo tolerance built into any Shopify site’s search bar, shoppers will be served accurate search results—even if they type “tablle” instead of “table.” Plus, by leveraging Shopify’s AI-powered search engine and buyer intent signals, the search results page prioritizes more relevant results. 
  • Typeahead search. Now, with typeahead search, an additional list of dynamically suggested searches has been added to Shopify’s predictive search functionality. Customers can easily choose from the populated list of suggestions to find the perfect item. 
  • Auto-generated product recommendations. Related product recommendations will automatically be surfaced for any new product on your shop—no historical purchase data required.

Learn more about storefront search and recommendations

Excited to learn more? Read our blog for a deep dive on how you can convert more potential customers into buyers with Shopify’s improved storefront search and recommendations.

Read the blog

Boost conversion rate with Shop’s sign-in features

Disappearing third-party cookies and the rising cost of acquisition are making it harder for brands to identify high-value shoppers. To fully leverage the traffic they’re driving, they need to focus on optimizing the commerce funnel for their best customers.  

Shop’s new sign-in features, a suite of powerful tools for creating and enhancing new shopping experiences by enabling more than 100 million Shop users to sign in with their Shop credentials and saved passkeys before they start shopping. This includes signing in users during lead capture, following on Shop, and classic customer account sign in. Signed-in buyers can speed safely through checkout with one tap using Shop Pay—resulting in less friction and higher conversions.  

Here’s a breakdown of the different features that come at no cost:

    • Lead capture with Shop: Optimize lead capture by automatically identifying, signing in, and saving discounts for high-value shoppers, resulting in 8% increased order conversion. 
    • Follow on Shop: Enable follow on Shop to sign in more users on your storefront, unlocking accelerated checkout and increased engagement with your store within the Shop app.
    • Sign in with Shop: Seamlessly identify and sign in verified users earlier in the shopping journey for a faster checkout and a higher likelihood of conversion. It’s the easiest way to sign in your customers.  

Learn how to supercharge your checkout with Shop

With Shop’s sign-in features, your store can identify more verified high-value shoppers and boost conversions at no additional cost.

Learn more

Reduce buyer friction with one-page checkout

For more than 16 years, Shopify Checkout has continuously been optimized for high conversion and friction-free checkout, right out of the box. We are constantly improving our checkout to ensure it provides the best experience for brands of all sizes. And it’s about to get even better. 

Express checkouts like Shop Pay changed the way consumers shop. Consumers now expect shorter, faster checkout experiences. So we’re updating Shopify Checkout to match. Later this year, we’re rolling out an all-new one-page checkout. It will be faster, designed for conversion, and exactly what your customers expect.

We also optimized one-page checkout for mobile—and with over 70% of online purchases made on mobile devices, it’s more important than ever to make it easy for customers to check out across all devices.

Get fully integrated in-person selling

Power your in-store experience with the latest Shopify POS hardware and technology, designed for speed, flexibility, and actionable insights.

Accept payments and close IRL sales anywhere with POS Go

POS Go is an all-in-one POS device for closing sales, accepting payments, and staying on top of your business everywhere. 

POS Go comes preloaded with Retail OS, Shopify’s POS software that lets you pull up customer information anywhere. You can look up inventory and create personalized shopping experiences, all while in conversation with a customer. If a customer isn’t ready to buy, you can email their pre-loaded cart for them to decide later. 

Learn more about POS Go

POS Go is Shopify’s all-in-one point-of-sale system that brings payments, POS software, and hardware together in one fully integrated device.

Discover POS Go

Find and engage customers

Make your marketing work harder with the right tools to target, reach, and re-engage high-value customers. In this competitive landscape, it’s more important than ever to create long-lasting customer relationships.

Use Shopify Collabs to work with creators, promote your products, and drive sales

Reach new customers and help to increase sales when you work with creators on Shopify Collabs—now fully integrated within Shopify admin. 

 Building your business means building relationships with creators and influencers. However, keeping track of every interaction and sale is tedious without the right tools. Shopify Collabs helps you recruit and manage creators to promote your products, endorse your brand, and drive sales. 

Here are a few things you can do with Shopify Collabs: 

      • Browse our directory of millions of creators. Search and filter by hashtag, keyword, location, and more to find and recruit the right creators to promote your brand.
      • Build a branded application page for your creator marketing program that aligns to your brand and values, and highlights the perks of joining.
      • Manage and organize creators who apply to join your community. You’re in complete control when you’re approving creators who would like to work with you.
      • Send and track product gifts natively in your Shopify admin. No more manual collection of shipping addresses and contact information in spreadsheets. Creators can claim gifts by selecting their own sizes, colors, and shipping locations.
      • Build a world-class affiliate program with discount code tracking and affiliate link creation that’s built to easily send offers to creators who can help promote your products. 
      • Track and pay sales commissions to creators in just a few clicks.

Whether you’re launching a creator community, recruiting new creators, sending out gifts, or tracking affiliate offers and payments, Shopify Collabs is built to help start and scale work with creators.

Install the Shopify Collabs app free

Install the Shopify Collabs app today to partner with creators, promote your products, reach new customers, and grow your sales.

Install the Shopify Collabs app

Grow your email list with Shopify Forms

It’s never been more important to make the most of every visitor to your online store. In a digital world where ads are expensive and attention is scarce, you can’t miss the opportunity to connect with would-be buyers.

To do that, you need enticing opt-in offers to convert those potential customers into lifelong fans. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Shopify Forms.

Shopify Forms is a free, customizable email capture app that works seamlessly with the rest of Shopify—embedded in Shopify Email, marketing automations, segmentation, and more. Collect the information you need from shoppers by offering compelling offers and discounts. 

Customize your form to fit your brand with more than 200 font options, images, and multiple display choices, like pop-ups and teasers. Automatically follow up with marketing emails at the right time, all while keeping your customers’ data safe and secure.

Grow your marketing list with Shopify Forms

Shopify Forms lets you easily add an email capture form to your store, so you can connect with potential customers and convert them into lifelong fans, all from your Shopify admin.

Install Shopify Forms

Re-engage customers faster with new marketing automation templates

Make the most of every visit to your store by automating marketing emails to customers who have taken an action on your store but haven’t completed a purchase. 

Shopify now offers pre-built templates for abandoned cart, checkout, and product browse marketing automations, directly in your admin. Customize emails quickly and easily using Shopify Email, and have them sent at the right time for each customer, whenever that is. You can even tweak the steps in the automation, or build your own custom automations to power any flow you can think of. 

Explore Shopify’s marketing automations today

Set up your own marketing automations with templates, custom flows, and on-brand emails, without leaving Shopify.

Explore marketing automations

Fulfill and deliver orders more efficiently

We’re making improvements to Shopify’s first-party order fulfillment capabilities to ensure you get orders to customers quickly, without hurting your bottom line.

Reduce transit times and shipping costs with smart order routing 

Your fulfillment network, your rules. Shopify will soon give you the ability to create versatile order routing strategies to ensure optimal efficiency.

In today’s competitive environment, proper and efficient order routing is critical for any direct-to-consumer brand—especially if you manage inventory across multiple locations. Whether you are self-shipping your products or partially outsourcing, assigning the best location to ship orders from is critical to drive down costs, surface the right shipping cost and transit time to shoppers, and speed up delivery times. 

To help speed up your order fulfillment, Shopify is launching smart order routing that gives you full control of your delivery process. For example, use the new split fulfillment rule to prioritize which location fulfills the order based on stock availability. The new closest location rule ensures that orders are fulfilled from the store location or warehouse that’s closest to the customer. This results in a fast and frictionless delivery experience for your customer.  

Get smart order routing on Shopify

Sign up for early access to smart order routing

Effective order routing can help you improve your order fulfillment, earn buyer trust, and build brand loyalty. Sign up today and be one of the first to use Shopify’s all-new smart order routing.

Sign up now

Drive more conversions with logistics that work for you

The days of fast shipping being accessible only to big businesses are over. Now, you can communicate fast, reliable delivery and help your customers check out confidently, no matter the size of your business.

Shopify Fulfillment Network comes with default access to Shop Promise, allowing you to present reliable delivery dates across your product catalog and boost conversions by up to 25%, while harnessing Shopify’s fast network delivery speeds.

Shopify Fulfillment Network comes with default access to Shop Promise

And if you’re looking to take your conversions even further, now businesses of all sizes can access a level playing field to optimize and run their business holistically from “port to porch” with fulfillment and logistics solutions from Deliverr, Shopify Fulfillment Network, and 6 River Systems.

Get prioritized placement, storage, and delivery in our network of more than 20 distribution hubs and fulfillment centers, with zero capital investment needed. No matter what fulfillment looks like for your business, we’ve got the simple and affordable logistics solutions you need.

Create localized shopping experiences for different markets

Create shopping experiences that feel local to customers in different markets. Connect in their language and offer products that pique their interests.

Localize your store and convert more customers with the Translate & Adapt app

There’s a whole world of customers out there. To convert them, your store has to speak the right language. Shopify’s Translate & Adapt app is the easiest way to localize your store content to connect with customers in every market, increase international store traffic, and lift global conversion rates.

With Translate & Adapt, you can:

      • Easily translate content into multiple languages by adding, editing, and reviewing translations using the app’s content editor. Quickly access the editor from any resource page in the Shopify admin.
      • Translate your store content in one click by using the free automatic translation option for up to two of your store’s languages. You can also adapt your content to provide a tailored shopping experience for customers everywhere by accounting for spelling, vocabulary, and local nuance between markets.
      • Move between all of your store’s localized content easily from the app home page to create and publish a polished shopping experience for your customers, wherever they are. Adapt storefront content in each market to apply seasonal, cultural, and regional nuance—even if those markets speak the same language.  

Install the free Translate & Adapt app today

Boost traffic, improve your SEO, and build trust with audiences around the world by localizing the content on your Shopify store for different markets.

Install the Translate & Adapt app

Control which products you sell in different regions with Shopify Markets

When selling internationally, you may want to customize your product offering in the different markets you sell to. 

This could be due to licensing agreements that only allow you to sell a certain product to a specific market, regional regulations that limit what can be shipped to a specific market, or because you want to offer slightly different products or packaging to better align with buying preferences in different markets.

With Shopify Markets, you can now take control of which products are published in each market you sell to. This feature, paired with the ability to manage product pricing by market, allows you to tailor your international merchandising strategy in all the places you sell to. And with the launch of Markets Pro, you now have access to a complete solution that offers end-to-end liability management, cost-effective cross-border shipping and fulfillment, and localization tools.

Manage what currency customers in different markets will see and adjust prices with Shopify Markets.

Access global markets overnight with Shopify Markets

Anyone can go global with Shopify Markets, the commerce solution that helps you connect and convert around the world—all from a single store.

Discover Shopify Markets

Run your business better

To help make running your business easier, we’ve launched powerful tools to help you manage your inventory, orders, fulfillment, and money from one place. 

Take the stress out of sales tax with Shopify Tax

When you start fulfilling orders across the United States, you’re focused on growing your business—not sales tax. 

But once you cross any of the 46 state thresholds for sales, you’re required to collect sales tax from your customers. Rates vary by product category and across 11,000 different sales tax jurisdictions, making it a big challenge to apply accurate sales tax calculations to every order. Non-compliance by under or over-collecting sales tax could result in you paying the difference out of your pocket or getting penalized by tax authorities.  

That’s why we built Shopify Tax to give you a clear overview of where you may be required to collect tax, without needing a professional assessment. Once you start collecting, Shopify uses your product categories alongside rooftop tax calculation accuracy. Sell in other states with confidence, knowing you’re charging and collecting the right amount of sales tax.

Get product category recommendations and automatically apply product-specific rates to taxable purchases in Shopify admin.

Manage your sales tax from Shopify today

Shopify Tax puts sales tax insights and collection in your control, and makes everything manageable from your Shopify admin.

Learn more

Manage your finances on the go with the Shopify Balance mobile app

The all-new Shopify Balance app helps you stay on top of your finances and make money moves on the go, quickly and securely. Here are a few things you can do on the go from the Balance mobile app: 

          • View your account balance
          • Transfer funds in or out
          • View and filter transaction history
          • Earn exclusive rewards every time you spend on your business
          • Lock and unlock your cards from the palm of your hand

The Balance app also syncs with your in-admin account and keeps your finances up-to-date across the board. Your physical and virtual spending cards allow you to make secure purchases both online and in-person, keeping personal and business expenses separate for easy reporting.

Manage your money on-the-go with the Shopify Balance mobile app.

Download Shopify Balance today

Manage your money and business in one place with a free Shopify Balance account. Get paid faster and say goodbye to fees.

Download now

Do more with less from Shopify’s powerful commerce platform  

Excited? Us too. But the launches you read here are just the tip of the iceberg. We launched more than 100 new updates, features, and products as part of the Winter ’23 Edition. Check out Shopify Editions today to explore all the new tools available on Shopify to help you grow your business.

Explore the Winter ’23 Edition hub

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